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What makes us unique

Our knowledge of Georgian environment and the French model of IT development gives Netiko the ability to understand and respond to your needs in accordance to Georgian market demands and the latest international standards. We understand that the success of our clients is a part of our success as well. Therefore the quality and functionality of each product we make is our main goal.

Individual Marketing Method 

For each website we use an individual marketing method. We keep in mind our client's targeted group, their tastes and expectations. 

Friendly Web sites

In the modern world, a website is the face of a company and the chance to make a lasting first impression on clients, which will inspire their future interest. Therefore it's essential to create a webpage with simple, effective visual content, accessible information and pleasant functionality.

Internet Advertising Campaign

Netiko owns the multilinguial website gancxadebebi.ge, which has more than 22 000 unique visitors in a day (130 000 views), and this number is growing. Netiko offers free advertising for newly created webpages on this site.


Netiko takes special care of our client’s code security and effective software functioning. Our websites are located on French servers, which is an additional safety guarantee for our clients.


Netiko pays close attention to time. Finishing projects in the given period of time is a matter of honour.

Website Management

Netiko ensures that every website is easy to control for administrators and at the same time multifunctional.


We understand that our partners may need us again. Therefore it is very important for Netiko to make our relationship with clients beneficial for both sides, so we can continue to have positive relations in the future.

Training and support

We offer free training for company employees of every web project. This training enables the employees to independently manage the new project. In addition, we provide free technical support for one month upon completion of the project.

Netiko's Values

We value the needs and aspirations of each client. Protecting your interests on the internet is matter of our dignity. Your partnership and friendship is an honour for each of Netiko’s members.

Georgia : (+995) 557 28 48 27

France : (+33) 6 95 93 15 45

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